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4.4.1 Batch Processing


Batch Processing lets you automate the rendering of a group of project files. Every project file found in the Projects folder is loaded, rendered and the resulting image named after the project is saved in the Images folder. Click on the Browse button to point to the folder you want the projects to be loaded from and where you want the images saved. Various options will help you control how the Processing goes:

Render every Nth project: Defines how many projects are skipped between each render. Useful when rendering an animation. Set it to 10 to render every 10 images.
Start with project number: You may want to use "Render every Nth" to split the calculation of an animation across several computers.
Example: render every 2nd project on two computers, start with project 1 on the first computer and project 2 on the second computer.
Overwrite exiting images: By default, Batch Processing will not render a project if an image with an identical name already exists. Tick this checkbox if you want to render all images again.
Create a log: If you select this option, Batch Processing will keep track of how long each project took to render as well as the whole batch rendering time. The batch file is called "batch.log" and is created in Chaoscope application folder.

the Batch Processing dialog box
  In case of overflow: lets you decide what to do when there is no attractor. Either:
  • Save the image and carry on processing more projects
  • Do not save the image but carry on processing
  • Stop processing altogether

Press the Start button to begin processing the projects. "Time left" is only indicative and accurate when each project take roughly the same time to render.


4.4.2 Options

  Options in Chaoscope are organized in three groups:
  • User: Appears in all saved projects under "author".
  • Language: Choose between French or English. You need to restart the program for the change to take effect.
  • Simple preview: Enable it if the enhanced preview causes problem. When enabled, the preview reverts to a more basic method common to all rendering modes.
  • Iterations: Number of points displayed by default. Depending on the computer speed, the full set of points may fade in after being calculated in the background.
  • Minimum Iterations: Minimum number of points Chaoscope will calculate before the preview is updated.
  • Maximum Iterations: When Scale is greater than 1, Chaoscope adds points to keep the density constant. Maximum Iterations sets a limit to how many points will be added.
Default folder for each file category: Folders, Attractors, Views, Gradients (not used yet) and Images.


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