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Automated chaoscope_0_3_1_setup.exe Windows Setup (2569 Kb)
Manual ZIP Archive (2659 Kb)


It is recommended to download the Windows Setup. If you choose to download the ZIP archive instead, you will need a zip compression tool like PKZip® for Windows by PKWare or WinZip® or use the integrated ZIP archive management in Windows XP. Decompress the files to a folder of your choice, for instance :

"C:\Program Files\Chaoscope".

If you are updating a previous version of Chaoscope, make sure the folder is empty before you decompress the files.

The setup contains the following files and folders :

Name Size Description
PROJECTS   Gallery and manual project files
MAPS   Simple gradient presets
HELP   Offline version of the manual
CHAOSCOPE.EXE 1353 Kb Main executable
CHAOSCOPE.ENU 200 Kb English resources
ANGLE.MAP 1 Kb Default angle gradient file
SPEED.MAP 1 Kb Default speed gradient file
HISTORY.TXT 6 Kb Changes and bug fix log

System Requirements

Chaoscope is known to run relatively smoothly on Windows 98, 2000 & XP. It requires OpenGL® which is bundled with all Windows™ flavours apart from Windows 95 pre-OSR2. Please note that there is no way to switch to the software implementation of OpenGL® in case of problems caused by your video card manufacturer's hardware implementation.
The video mode must be set to 15 bits (32,768 colours) or higher.


CSP is a command line version of Chaoscope batch renderer. It is run from the Windows or Linux command prompt. It has no graphical interface. Its main purpose is batch rendering of large sets of projects or animation. The rendering quality is identical to that of Chaoscope 0.3.1. However it will be relatively faster, especially on multicore computers. Also, the maximum number of iterations is now 2 to the 64th power, 4 billion times larger than the previous limit.

Windows 32 bits version

Automated csp_0_3_5_win32.msi Windows Setup (382 Kb)

The setup contains the following files :

Name Size Description
csp.exe 88 Kb Command line executable
core.dll 337 Kb Rendering engine
readme.txt 2 Kb Documentation

Linux 64 bits version

The Linux binaries are available as a Debian package or as a GZip archive. GCC 4.4.0 libraries are required. CSP was tested on Ubuntu 9.10 and Mint 9. Please report any successful or failed installation on other Linux distributions to:

Automated csp-0.3.5-amd64.deb Debian Package (129 Kb)
Manual csp-0.3.5-amd64.tar.gz GZip Archive (128 Kb)

The setup contains the following files and folders :

Name Size Description
usr/bin/csp 16 Kb Command line executable
usr/lib/ 351 Kb Rendering engine
usr/share/doc/csp/README 2 Kb Documentation

3rd Party Tools

Ani4Chaoscope by François "Axone Man"

This program allows you to build a set of Chaoscope projects for animation purposes. Find out more on François' web site here (site in French).

English version ZIP Archive (248 Kb)
User Guide User Guide ZIP Archive

(234 Kb)

Version française ZIP Archive (248 Kb)
Mode d'emploi Mode emploi ZIP Archive (235 Kb)

Manuel en Français

La version française du manuel s'installe comme une mise-à-jour du logiciel. Vous devez avoir préalablement installé le setup pour que la mise-à-jour se fasse correctement. Cliquez sur ce lien pour télécharger le manuel en français:

Automatique chaoscope_0_3_manual_fr_setup.exe Setup Windows (419 Ko)


Maximum respect to François "Axone Man" for his support and the many weeks he spent testing the program.

Many thanks to Jim Hauser, Paul N. Lee, Jonathan Lester, Kerry McClain, Gerd Platl, Michael Rivero, Gerson Sbruzzi, William Stroud and Jeremy White for taking part in the beta testing.


Please send your comments, suggestions and bug reports to :