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Strange Attractor Sculptures

Peter Jansen, a Dutch artist, has created a series of Strange Attractor sculptures with the help of an experimental version of Chaoscope. These sculptures are now for sale online. You can even send your own Chaoscope project and receive it as a real object!
Part of the profits will be donated to the Chaoscope project.

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Chaoscope is a 3D strange attractors rendering software. Below is a sample of pictures rendered by the program. You can check the Gallery to see more examples of what Chaoscope can do.
It is an ongoing project created and maintained by Nicolas Desprez ; the current version is 0.3.1. It is a freeware running on the Windows platform.
A batch rendering command line application, CSP, is also available ; its current version is 0.3.5. It runs on Windows and Linux.


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The word "Chaoscope" was invented by Ralph Abraham to describe computer tools used to help comprehending dynamic systems, a superset of the strange attractors.

Many thanks to Michel Pintaud for his constant support through the years of Chaoscope sporadic development.