31-Oct-2010 : CSP, a command line version of Chaoscope batch renderer is released for both Windows (32 bits) and Linux (64 bits). The main advantage of CSP is its speed: The code was entirely rewritten, multi-threaded where possible, and it was built on recent compilers (Visual Studio and GCC). As a result it is on average three times faster.

05-Apr-2009 : Chaoscope gets an official forum. Thanks to the mailing-list subscribers, John and Paul in particular, for their input.

06-Jan-2009 : The site is now hosted by Laughing Squid. The old address, will be decommissioned soon so update your bookmarks!

31-Mar-2007 : Thanks to an experimental version of Chaoscope, Peter Jansen has been able to create 3D prints (SLS prototypes) of strange attractors, from which he is planning to make bronze sculptures.

07-Jan-2007 : The Benchmark page is added.

20-May-2006 : Version 0.3.1 is released. The bugs fixed are listed here.

15-Jul-2006 : The French version of the manual has been updated and is now available for download. Ani4Chaoscope, a Chaoscope animation tool developed by François "Axone Man", has also been added to the download page.

27-May-2006 : A setup executable is available for download. It resolves the longstanding "wrong interface language" issue amongst other things.

20-May-2006 : Version 0.3 is released. New features and bug fixes are listed here.

25-Feb-2006 : Private beta-testing of the 0.3 version has started. You can read the final features list here.

04-Oct-2005 : A majority of the emails received from users mentioned the ability of creating animations, either a full rotation of the attractor or a more complex morphing between two sets of parameters. The batch rendering feature included in the next version to be released, 0.3, will indeed allow you to create such animations. Two examples have been uploaded on PutFile as a showcase of what you will be able to achieve: (Quicktime, 4.32Mb, no longer hosted) (Quicktime, 5.88Mb, no longer hosted)

26-May-2005 : Kerry McClain kindly offered to create an online bug tracking system to facilitate Chaoscope development. Meanwhile, a second pre-alpha version has been dispatched.
Click here to read a list of all the new features which will be included in the 0.3 version.

31-Mar-2005 : the Monthly image contest has been closed. Ballot stuffing was made easy by the low turnout (less that 1% of all visitors were voting) and low traffic. The contest may be reopened one day, under a different form.

1-Nov-2004 : After a trial on the mailing-list and a long five weeks of total inactivity, the monthly image contest is finally open. Check out the rules if you want to participate or vote.

4-Sep-2004 : BTinternet seems to have solved what was causing slow web page access. The responsiveness of the web site is better, as long as it isn't featured on a popular blog or forum.

Version 0.3 development has started, a test version which includes a new improved preview has been dispatched to a group of brave volunteers.

3-Aug-2004 : Access to the web site has been noticeably slow for the last few days. Other BTinternet subscribers have reported the problem. The ISP has yet to acknowledge the issue, let alone sort it out.

30-July-2004 : Version 0.2.1 is released. It corrects a couple of bugs, listed here.

The web site is updated :

24-May-2004 : Version 0.2 is released. New features and bug fixes are listed here.

02-Mar-2004 : A mailing-list devoted to Chaoscope is created on FreeLists. You can subscribe to the list by using either the form found on the Home page or FreeLists own web interface.

The DynDNS URL cloaking has been disabled because the frameset they use to replace the URL is currently resizable - on Mozilla at least - which is uncool. Therefore you will see the original BTinternet URL in the address bar for a little while, until it is fixed. It doesn't mean you have to update your bookmark, the redirection is still working and you can use to reach the web site.

13-Feb-2004 : Faulty component replaced, no data lost, project resumed!

09-Feb-2004 : The project is temporarily halted after the computer devoted to the development suffered a major hardware failure. It is not known yet if any critical data was lost nor how long it is going to take before the development can be resumed. Apologies to those whose emails haven't been answered yet.

15-Jan-2004 : Another (light) web site update :

  • A warning is displayed to visitors who have disabled Javascript, which is used to display all the thumbnailed pictures.
  • The Lorenz equation is now correct.
  • A "Known Issues" paragraph is added to the Download page. It includes the most reported bug so far, the "File > Open" instant crash.

Work on version 0.2 is underway. All known bugs should be corrected, memory usage has been optimized, control over attractor search has been improved, and the program will be able to read FractINT .map files to replace the default light spectrum gradient.

30-Oct-2003 : The web site is updated :

  • A "News" page is added.
  • All pictures are now displayed in a separate window.
  • Six pictures are added to the Gallery.
  • A new link is added to the Links page (ChaosPro).
  • No more frames!

22-Oct-2003 : The web site goes down for three days after DynDNS temporarily changes their WebHop IP address while moving their data center. Chaoscope domain name registration was then modified so any further IP address update won't affect the domain name redirection.

06-Oct-2003 : Chaoscope is submitted to Simtel, a huge software repository. Not only Simtel software registration is free, but the support was quick and friendly. If you are a shareware or freeware author yourself, you are strongly advised to register your creation on Simtel if you haven't already.

24-Sep-2003 : Chaoscope first release is officially announced on sci.fractals newsgroup.